Mosaic Fancy Friday

I’ve always been fascinated by mosaics.  So, this sunny afternoon, I grabbed my camera and toured my city!  I found…

garden mosaic

a meadow of flowers on the side of a cafe,

school mosaic

a school building, created by Banner Neighborhood Arts Club,

bird mosaic

a Bluebird of Happiness by Dick Brown,

school bus mosaic

even a school bus adorned with mirrors and cracked tiles,

city mosaic

a reflection of my city,

spider web

(not a mosaic) but a very cool stained glass window,

blue and turquoise up close

bottoms of bottles, china plates and mirrors covering the American Visionary Art Museum,

friendship mosaic


avam mosaic

a starry night,

mosaic wall 2

an entire row house wall showing things that will help lead you to your dream,

wall mosaic

turquoise and cobalt blues,

dreams do come true

and a promise that with love, goals, determination, knowledge and will power, Dreams Do Come True!