Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace

As some of you may know we are both mothers of many children.  Kristin has 5 children and Chris Ann has 4.  After many years, and all those children neither of us had a piece of jewelry to represented our families.  We knew there was something out there, but we hadn’t come across anything that we thought would last the years, live past the fads, remain classic, stylish and sophisticated.  Something that we would treasure forever.  We also knew that whatever Mother’s jewelry we would get, it had to be artistic.

We want to let you know about our necklace sooner than later, because as you know, Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  And we know we are going to be busy!

Last year our Mother’s Tree of Life necklace in silver was The Pioneer Woman’s Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1 last year.

Mother’s Tree of Life in Silver ~ $199

We couldn’t resist sending a gold Mother’s Necklace to our friend Laura ~ Hollywood Housewife, when she had her new baby.

Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace in Gold ~ $230

We both have our own Mother’s Tree Of Life necklaces too.  We receive so many compliments every time we wear it!  It’s fun to look down and say thank you ~ these are my 4 or 5 kids!  And, its fun to be reminded that what you are wearing around your neck is really what is closest to your heart.

The Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace is the perfect no fail, Mother’s Day gift!  The necklace will be a beautiful heirloom that will make you remember what you truly treasure!!

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