A family heirloom gift perfect for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace

We would never steer you wrong.  Our shop is curated with our favorite things.  Kristin and I bought received these necklaces years ago.  We’ve been loving them ever since.   To date, there has not yet been a time where I have worn this Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace out in public and have not received compliments.  I’ve been stopped shopping, at parties and once even someone grabbed my arm in the isle of an airplane to ask me where I had gotten such a lovely necklace.

Mother's Tree Of Life Necklace http://www.lovefeastshop.com

Proudly I share my necklace and how each gem represents one of the birth months for my children.  And, also proudly that they can get their own, online in our boutique ~ LoveFeast Shop.

End of the year Teacher Gift idea:  A Tree Of Life Necklace with a gem for every child in the classroom.

Minnesota artist, Liz Oie, will hand-craft your custom made necklace in honor of your family in either gold or silver and with the birth months of children or grandchildren represented on the necklace.

Liz Oie Jewelry http://lovefeastshop.com

A family heirloom gift ~ perfect for Mother’s Day!

We’re taking orders now for Mother’s Day of course!  But, what a wonderful idea for a Mother of the Bride gift, a grandmother or even a favorite coach or teacher.  It’s a perfect gift for a new mother!

Mother's Tree Of Life Necklace http://lovefeastshop.com

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