My MckMama’s Mudd Lake Confessional

It’s easy to have your head stuck in your own little world….especially if you are fixated, possibly addicted, and definitely obsessed with winning a certain contest. (Not me!)  And, therefore, with all my stalking of possible breathing bodies to vote for us in the Baltimore Food Blogging Awards….I was just just a little narrow sighted…(who? not me!) when my friend, Mela, mentioned a gathering of bloggers & mama’s that were going to be at a place called Mudd Lake.

Initially, I thought I wouldn’t want to leave my darling cozy home & family.  Never once did I think to myself, hmmm, this may be the perfect excuse to get out of the house, avoid dinner, dishes, laundry, and bedtime.  Definitely, not me.  And, when Mela told me there would be great food, charming scenery, amazing shopping, and a chance to meet some neat people, really…I hesitated, perhaps my time would be better spent at home sorting socks.  OK, not me.

So, off  I went to this beautiful place called Mudd Lake, with these two mamas, in a minivan! I would never confess we don’t get out much.  Not me.  And, I never once worried about Mela’s driving or her ability to pick out charming home decor.  Not me.

Who was hosting the event, you might wonder?  Well, it turns out a gal called Jennifer (a.k.a. MckMama) who is quite the impressive blogger, hostess, mama, and person.  Never once during that wonderful evening did I turn to a group of ladies, and make the biggest faux pas ever, by asking, “Who’s Jennifer?”.  Why are you blushing?  Really, I’m not a party crasher!  Not, me!  The, ladies, in turn, did not all at once look up to see who had uttered such a thing?  I mean she was the reason we were all here!!  Well, certainly, it wasn’t me.

One faux pas, is enough for an evening. Therefore, I am perfectly sure I never later introduced myself to Mudd Lakes’ exquisite decorator, Michelle, by asking her in an excited twitter, “Are you the decorator girl?”.  How tacky would that be?  Definitely, not me.

Especially, since she creates amazing vignettes that you would like to swoop up into the back of your van and take home instantly.

Never once  did I consider stealing her amazing decorating ideas, gathering my supplies, and making it myself for cheaper.  I mean really who has time for that?  Not me.

Also, I never once coveted my new friend‘s darling new black mirror set.  Not me.  Or, hid a lamp from my husband, that I purchased that night, in our dining room.  Our marriage is sacred and strong.  So, definitely not me.

We enjoyed this very fire pit.  And, I did not try to snag an Adirondack chair early, at all.  Not me.

Nor, did I consider taking a picture of this baby, just so you would go awhhhhhhh!  Not me.

Also, not once during this evening did I ever try to convince, bribe, or talk Bob Kratch, the owner of Mudd Lake, into giving me part of his batch of utterly secret and fabulous and soon to be famous sauerkraut.  Not me.  Nor, did I attempt to convince him to share that secret recipe here, on this very blog.  Not me.

Then, after, Bob generously gave me a bag of frozen sauerkraut, I never once worried it would smell up Mela’s van or give me food poisoning, since it had been in the freezer for 6 months.  I was so very thankful, so, not me.

Further more, I believe, that vanity is shallow.  Never once did I suggest sarcastically during all that photo taking, that I looked like a Hungarian peasant, cupie doll head, or pregnant.  Really, how dull is that?  Not me.

Everyone gathered at Mudd Lake had such interesting lives to share and stories to tell.  I met many new people whose names will not be forgotten, next time we meet up.  I never forget a name.  Nope, not me.

And, obviously, I did not try to pick MckMama’s head on how to run a blog.  Not me.

What a great night out!  And, as I tiptoed into my house, hit the lights, and dropped into bed… do you know who felt so very thankful and excited to have met such a charming mama & her friends?  OK, I’ll fess up!  Me!

There.  I was brutally honest.  We’ll see if I end up with sauerkraut in my face!  This post was part of a Not Me! Monday! blog carnival, created by MckMama.  You can visit her site and read more!

And, stay tuned we’re giving away a Breville Espresso Machine soon!!  And, chocolate sauces!!  Espresso & chocolate & friends at the LoveFeast Table!!  Coming soon!   What more could you want? 🙂


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