NEW! Hand Screened Dish Towels

We just received a new bundle of joy for LoveFeast Shop. We couldn’t wait to open it!

Inside were our new Hand Screened Dish Towels, just in time for fall!

These Dish Towels are the original design our good friend Brittany. Brittany is a hair dresser by trade, but recently reduced her hours to part time, so she could pursue ART. We’re pretty glad she did, ’cause we think she’s pretty talented. Wouldn’t you agree?

We wanted you to get to know Brittany too, so we asked her a few questions.

1. What made you decide to go to part time at your current job, to pursue art?

After years of the daily grind I started to get a little uncomfortable with the fact that I was striving to make my bank account grow and not really carving out time for what I truly loved. A couple of months ago I read Luke 12:34 ” where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”  and I was so convicted of the fact that I was keeping my heart away from my treasure, I was pursuing the paycheck and not really doing what I was created to do! I realized I needed to make some changes!  Not long after I became a part time stylist and used every spare minute I had to sketch, research, paint, print or whatever else I could get my hands on!

2. Where do you find your inspiration?

Oh gosh so many things, anything from music to watching butter melt in a pan.

3. What artist inspires you?

I am in love with Becca Stadtlander’s illustrations.  I also love Claudy Jongstra, she is an absolute master of creating texture that marries the environment in which it was created for.

Visit LoveFeast Shop to purchase.

Dishtowels are $18 a piece. Choices: Pine Cone, Acorn, Feather or Leaf. 

These would make the perfect hostess gift for any holiday FEAST you attend this fall.