New Year Mantra

The humor will come.   That’s what I keep telling myself…. There are certain bloggers out there that are witty and clever.   Very witty and clever.  And I’m happy for them.  Really.  It’s just that–  do they have four to five kids, dishes to do, shoes to pick up, piles of laundry, cakes to bake, beds to make, school parties to attend, baths to be drawn and so on?  I think not!  I think these clever witty food bloggers are lounging around in their pjs today, sipping tea, and reforming their paragraphs at leisure, updating their twitter feeds every HALF HOUR……they’re driving me nuts!!!  Tonight they have dinner plans at upscale restaurants that they are going to review on URBAN SPOON! Just about the time I will be picking up spoons, that have been dropped, with crumbs and napkins under my table.   But, at the moment, I have little wit or cleverness, perhaps my vacuum sucked it up.  But, that’s ok, a New Year is coming around the bend, and I will repeat like Peter Pan, “oh, the cleverness of me!” five times daily–if that’s what it takes.  And, to the rest of you brilliantly wonderful bloggers-you inspire me.


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