No Heat Curls

We have a good friend, Nish. She blogs over at Nish Happens. Nish is a down to earth, white water rafting, storytelling kinda girl. She’s the one you want around your campfire at night. Recently she wrote a post, Four Beauty Tips for Women Who Don’t Give a Crap. I love Nish and her ability to cut to the point and get down to business.

I had spent time with Nish on a girls weekend retreat last month and I have to be honest, had hair envy. She had long, shiny, chestnut hair with just the right amount of laid back curl. I’ve had short hair that has gone through many changes in the last few years. I like to change it up when it comes to hair. I was the girl in the 90’s who rocked punked out, spiked hair and threatened to get a mohawk. I get brave when it comes to hair. It’s just hair after all, it can grow out or be re-dyed. I went vibrant red for a couple of years. I didn’t want my two gingers to feel left out.

Recently I went back to my normal color,  grey blonde and have decided to grow it out a bit. But, a hairdresser told me not too long ago that my hair was “going matte“. “Matte! What does that mean?” I countered back. “Oh, it’s no big deal. It happens with age. It’s just losing it’s shine.”

So, now I’m on the hunt for great products as well as styles to try and give life to this matte hair.

Nish posted, “Learn the Art of No Heat Curl”. Perfect!

I washed my hair and borrowed my daughter’s headband.

I followed the instructions, put the headband around my hair and began to gather sections of hair, tucking them in and around the headband. My husband thought I was harnessing my inner Greek goddess. I wore it that way throughout the day, until it was dry. Just before we were getting ready to go out for a dinner date, I let my tendrils loose. (For full directions, click HERE.)

I now use this method at least once a week! I love that I don’t have to fry my matte hair more with a blow dryer. I love that it’s easy to do and honestly, I love the way it looks.

Thanks Nish for helping this middle aged mama to stay current and add life to her matte hair.

Do you have hair tips? I’d love to hear~my hair would love to hear.