Travel Me This, Nomad

I just wanted to share with you a treasure I just received…Sibella Court’s Nomad….A global approach to interior style. Have you ever received a book that you just don’t want to end? You digest a page a day, let the words sink in, the images take hold in your mind…you savor, taste and try out how they land in your space. I’m only a few pages (10 to be exact) into this book, but each page I’ve read has delivered pure inspiration.

This morning I’m sinking my creative juices into Siblella Court’s “About Me” page:

I am
I am
A treasure hunter,
Beachcomber, and bowerbird
I am a designer of hardware, among other things.
I create spaces and interiors.
I talk in pairs and write with ambersands:
bits and bobs, haberdashery & hardware
Travelers & merchants.
I am a namer of paints.
I am a gypsy, a globetrotter and explorer, but love to come home.
I am lo-fi.

I think I would add to her description:

I am a sharer of my trinkets
I keep my hands open, not clasped to exchange and receive

She reveals and pulls back the curtain on her favorite places and jaunts.  She’s not selfish hoarding her ideas, but a true artist that shares what she’s discovered so the rest of us can experience life seen through her eyes.

She’s a guide and tells the reader how to use her book, “To be able to share your laughs and travel frustrations (which are often funnier) in a ‘remember that’ kind of way is a clever, emotive way to treat your interior and be surrounded by the things you love. It’s about your stories reflecting your life.”

Stop by Society Inc. to learn a bit more about Sibella. I think you’ll like her…and share with us your favorite global travels. Did you bring a treasure back from a trip that you have used to decorate your home?