Oh My Momofuku!

momfuku meal

So, after our bowls of bliss, we spent the afternoon walking around Soho.  We got lost in the MoMA store and Kate’s Paperie. The guys waited patiently while we picked out papers.  We made quick friends with the clerks there.  I almost got in trouble for taking a picture in there.  The clerk asked, “is that for art?” and I shot back, “everything’s about art!”  She high fived me and let me go free!  After all their waiting we rewarded the guys with a quick pub stop and then lunch at Momofuku Ssam.

We chose Momofuku because Todd and I had an incredible dinner the night before there.  I had  a splitting headache.  We cabbed it down anyway and persevered for a good meal.  But, it wasn’t good.  It was wonderful!!  If my headache would have killed me, I would have been perfectly content with this for my last meal.  Our lunch, was a repeat of the same.  Amazing.  The plates are shareable, and you want to share, because everything HAS to be tasted.  Our server brought out a dish of Spicy Rice Cakes and told us to avoid the red peppers.  Well, a dare like that at our table only creates a throwdown, quicker than you can say Bobby Flay.  Peppers were cheered and eaten.  At least on of them.  If you don’t scorch your mouth on peppers the flavor at Momofuku will astound you.  I can’t really describe the dishes we ate in perfect culinary terms.  I’m not a chef.  I’d say it was something like fireworks of flavors!  Some of our favorites were the Wild Striped Bass (with Pink Lady apple, charred leeks, lime puree), Honeycrisp Apple Kimchi (with Burgers’ smoked jowl, maple labne, arugula), and Satur Farm’s Friend Brussels sprouts (with mint, scallions, fish sauce vinaigrette).  If you have time and room try Milk Bar for dessert around back!  Milk and cookies, hip and cool, smells delight, desserts-like from home!

no they are not maggots

Hey!  You can also follow our reviews on UrbanSpoon!  Here is our review below:

We haven’t quite had a meal like this, ever!!

We haven’t eaten food like this ever!!!

It was sublime…amazing…and like a painting of flavors on our palates, it kept us wanting for more.

It really was beyond our expectations.

The simple surroundings and attentive staff at Momofuku added to the already perfect experience!

Our favorites, if we had to choose, were the brussel sprouts (OMG!!) and the kimchi apple salad!

Let us just say, it was totally worth the drive from Baltimore and the flight from Minnesota!!  Next time we come to NY, it will be a definite stop!
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