Oie Jewelry ~ Artist In Her Studio

Some of the things Kristin and I love, are pretty things with creative potential.

These are the type of bits and baubles that make us smile.






And, these are the kinds of things I found at Liz Oie’s studio where she was busy putting the finishing touches on Ree’s necklace.  There were all sorts of feathers, stones, gems, and antique pieces ready to be chosen, woven into chain or wire, re-purposed for adornment with someone else’s pleasure and happiness in mind.






Liz thinks about each woman who may wear a piece of her work as she fashions it.  She remembers a quote from Mr. Rogers that stuck with her about how it is what happens along your journey, that shapes who you are.  As Liz weaves the wire with a touch of her hand and adds the stones for each necklaces and thinks of the wearer she says, “When I am shaping my jewelry I am really adding to their journey…if I take the opportunity to notice and make it special.”

Her beautiful work is found in museum shows, Minneapolis fashion shows, New York City boutiques and on the necks of celebrities such as Julia Roberts.  Liz, a mother, wife and woman who has found a passion creating something beautiful and special for any woman says, “I love that I can make women feel good, get dressed up and feel special.  I like that I can bring some joy to their day.  When I make the Mother’s Tree of Life necklace, since every one, is one of a kind, I know that their necklace will be a unique and special representation of their family and nothing is more important, than family.”






We think Liz like her jewelry is truly a gem.  We were so pleased to have found such a special piece of jewelry to wear to remember our children we couldn’t help but share this artist’s work!  We are so happy to be able to have found her along our journey at LoveFeast Table.  Who wouldn’t want such a thoughtful artist creating a keepsake for the years?

The Mother’s Tree of Life necklace, featured yesterday on The Pioneer Woman, is made of the highest quality sterling silver available, adorned with beautiful natural gems and is sold in our LoveFeast Boutique for $199.  All orders in today will have the best chance of arriving on Mother’s Day.


Thanks for visiting today!  We hope you follow along our journey of two friends who our on a creative journey themselves!  You can read more of what we have planned here with our new website and boutique that’s coming soon!  We are excited to be sharing our finds along the way!  Though there may be bumps along the way (like yesterday when our website was down most of the way) we know that it’s the journey not just the destination!!  We hope you come along with us on the dips and mountains!  We are so glad to share some time with you at our table ~ savoring a beautiful life!!  ~Chris Ann & Kristin


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