On Our Table ~ This week in August

We have had a busy month this past August.  We’ve been working for so long to finish our new design and it’s been so much fun to celebrate our launch this month.   We hope you have been enjoying our newly designed table as much as we have.  It’s been like taking this beautiful mess of ideas and scraps of inspiration and turning it into a package that has been truly a gift to use for us!  And, keep your eyes open!  We’ll be adding new bits of color and pieces to our table as we go!  We still have some surprises up our sleeve!!

Our launch month of August began with celebrating our LoveFeast Table categories LOVE (Things that inspire & make us happy!), FEAST (All things related to feasting!), TABLE (Conversation around our table!), and LIFE (Exploring & experiencing a LoveFeast lifestyle!).  We’ve also had lots of friends at our table joining the conversation, sharing posts and taking a seat as guests at our table!  We are so thankful for the inspiration these friends and guests have shared!  We are also inspired by all the brands and businesses that gave us the privileged of sharing their products at our past BlogLove™ events and as giveaways during our launch.  They made the party special by adding their gifts.  With a special shout out to our friend Noemi from Noemi Photography who photographed our antique silver frame seen at the bottom of our blog in our footer while single-handedly bringing perms back.

Part of our story here at LoveFeast Table is sharing inspiration and passion for savoring a beautiful life.  Kristin was honored to be able to share  as a guest speaker at Buzz Your Biz in Annapolis, Maryland this month.

Another passion of ours is to LoveBomb someone with a surprise food or meal.  We were thrilled to see Wendi from Bon Appetit Hon grabbed our idea and started her own Operation LoveBomb.  We and few others got bombed with some sweet jam.  Way to spread the love Wendi!

LoveBomb-poetLoveBomb from Bon Appetit Hon







We are very excited to announce our project, The Traveling Cookbook this month.  Not only is it going to be fun to hear all the tales from all sorts of bloggers’ kitchens but we are simultaneously going to try to raise the $24000 needed for a MobilePackTM unit from Feed My Starving Children.  That unit will pack 100,000 meals for starving children.  We hope you follow along on the journey of The Traveling Cookbook!







We are also finishing up the touches around our LoveFeast Shop.  The velvet Plush Pumpkins from our shop are featured in the brand new seasonal issue of Better Homes & Garden, Halloween Tricks & Treats.  They looked fabulous in the Alice & Wonderland editorial.  Can you eye-spy the velvet pumpkins?






And, of course besides all this blog and business stuff we are busy being the moms that we are.  Kristin is ordering books to home-school and planning art classes for her co-op and we are both getting our teenagers ready for high school classes, gathering school supplies and new tennis shoes for all our 9 kids.  Back to school is one of the busiest times of the year for us and it won’t be long before they are off on the bus and on their way to school.

There still is some summer to savor, so we are going to enjoy that last bit!

What’s on your plate right now?