One Day 2012 ~ LoveFeast

One of our best bloggy #IRL friends, Laura ~ The Hollywood Housewife is hosting a blog post link up called One Day 2012.  Her idea is to have you follow your life in pictures through one typical day as a way of documenting life.  She chose a day this week Wednesday, November 15th with the aim to share a typical day.  I took a little creative license on this project.  Here is my take on One Day  ~ in LoveFeast Land.

Here is a little know fact.  On mornings when Kristin and I post our coffee and then share it on Instagram we never coordinate.  We think it is some freaky BFF thing, but it happens all the time.  On this particular day that Kristin took a shot of her morning jo’ (which was actually Wednesday, November 15th!)  I soon followed an hour later (remember we are on a 1 hour time difference between Baltimore and Minneapolis!) with a shot of myself having my morning cappuccino from my porch.  And, don’t you think it’s crazy that we both chose similar patterned cups?

After our coffees we typically have to get our kids, including the ones with sparkles on their shoes, off to school.  Kristin opens her books to homeschool some of her people.  Running a fast growing business from our homes is something we are learning to balance quite well.  It helps to have two of us.

We  also have the support of our husbands and kids.   We are even starting to farm out projects and baking.   And, even editing.

We take turns checking in on the SHOP and working on our blog.  We spend time helping customers pick out the colors of velvet beauties they wish to have on their tables and running all the other parts of our business.  We think of our LoveFeast space as the canvas we get to paint on.  We love the flexibility, the challenges, the creativity, the community and the fun of running our own business.

It is important to us to find time to keep our creative juices flowing whether it is reading the new Novogratz book

or visiting one of our favorite stores for artistic inspiration like ~ Arhaus.

You never know when you go out and about, what might catch your eye and might launch a new idea.

Currently Kristin and I are working on projects to show what we are going to do for our holiday tables.

We are also organizing a roll out of our annual Holiday Cookie Exchange.

Travel is also a big part of our LoveFeast story.  We love expanding our horizons and make it a priority.  We get to see each other quite often now because we have to travel for work.  We have conferences to attend, markets to go to and promotional opportunities to present.  The great thing about this career we have created is that we can take it anywhere in the world we go.   As long as we have internet access, our laptops and our phones we can run our business.

It is typical for us to occasionally be on the road and working.  Last month, Kristin was able to keep her eyes on emails while in Ireland

and I managed data entry poolside in Phoenix.

Sometimes we talk business on the sidelines of soccer and baseball fields, in between some cheering!

If you follow our Instagram feed you will see that we look for beauty and inspiration all along our journey.  It’s the little moments that make up the whole.

While it might not be perfectly typical or perfectly balanced, we try to find the opportunity to enjoy the small parts of life that make up the whole.  We hope you are inspired to savor those simple moments with us, by joining us here at, LoveFeast Table.

We hope you find LoveFeast a place where you can enjoy beauty from DECOR ~

The art of savoring any FEAST ~ big or small.

that you find STYLE  ~ from where you are,

And  enjoy stories from our LIFE ~

LoveFeast helps us stay connected in our friendship and helps us enjoy the journey a little bit more because we’ve shared it together with friends ~ you!

This is what a day in the life of our LoveFeast journey is all about.  We’d love to have you join us!

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One Day ~ A time to look at your typical day and realize even the typical parts of a journey that when you actually take time to look a little closer, are pretty extraordinary.  Visit Hollywood Housewife to read other stories on ~ one day.