Our About Us Page

Being in the midst of a redesign, we are having to think over each page again.  The one we are focused on now is our About Us page.  We wish we could write a book, or vlog a documentary in order for you to know who we are…for reals.  The challenge is, we have to give you a glimpse of our personalities, our passions and a bit of our history in a few short paragraphs.  There are bits of our lives that seem interesting to us, but then again, Chris Ann and I have one of those friendships that fills in the gaps without words, so we fear that sometimes we are communicating ineffectively to you guys.

So, just like yesterday, we are reaching out to ask you for some input.  What types of profile pages grab you and draw you in?  Do you have a favorite?  Are there certain details about a person’s life you just can’t get enough of?  Do you prefer a vlog introduction, bullet points, an interview or paragraphs?

Thanks again for taking a moment to share with us.  We want the interaction here at LoveFeast to be an exchange of ideas. We actually thrive on it.


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