Front Porch Outdoor Inspiration

Your just in time for coffee!!  Want to join me on my porch?  Bummer – you’re a few states away.  Well, that’s just why we have our “virtual table” so we’re glad you’re here!  We’d love to to know you more ~ here’s a little about us – and a little about a crazy big project we just started – and over here we have our shop of pretty things for you and your home!  It’s a lot on our table for sure!

But for now let’s talk “Front Porch”.  Decorating my front porch is one of my favorite things to do.  I love the concept of welcoming my guest from the moment they arrive at my front door.  (Can we put aside that at the moment after you pass through my front door it looks like hoarders at the moment?—can we?  I’m a mom of 4 who was outside “decorating” when all of this happened!! – if you’re a mom who feels my pain – put your hand up!)

Every time around this time of year I like to freshen up my front porch.  Besides plants and pumpkins, I don’t spend a lot of money on this.  It’s more about moving things around and re-purposing pieces differently than the way I re-purposed them the year before.  This was my porch last year.  It was more about pinks, oranges, and reds.  All summer long I was thinking about adding a pop of turquoise blue to my front porch.

This was my front porch last year ~

This is my front porch this year with a pop of turquoise!

Here’s the details ~ Last year I focused on Stacked Pumpkin Planters. This year I started my outdoor front porch project by decorating my big rusty iron urn.

Here is some of the other changes I made this year.  This old lunch bucket last year overflowed with succulents and gourdes.

This year it holds decorative red pepper plants.

This year I spray painted a small table, my poof-shapped ottoman, and a trellis.  I picked up a new pillow during the summer with the complimenting shade of blue too.  It’s hard for me not to pick up a pillow here or there!






You can see the changes I made from last year ~

This year ~ I think that blue just energizes the space!


This was last year ~

This year ~

Here’s my finished  –  moved around, fluffed up, painted and newly inspired front porch!  I’ll be sharing it over at Thrifty Decor Chick with some other outdoor inspiration!

I tablescaped this message for me.  I want to remember to stop, sit, enjoy the fresh air, my flowers, and DREAM a little.

You can get inspired doing lots of things – but take a little time to sit and dream too!

(Either the front porch or back – either works!)

Where do you like to sit and DREAM?  What are you dreaming about?  We’d love to hear!