Paper Topiary Tree DIY

We are always looking to create a festive table whenever we throw a party or host an event. We created this paper topiary tree with materials from around the house.  Not only was it cost effective, we think it turned out quite festive.  This DIY Paper Topiary Tree decoration would be perfect for a reception table, wedding, or spring party.

DIY Paper Topiary Tree Party Decoration

Materials:  Hot Glue Gun, Pins, Scissors, Burlap, Old Vase, Wood Dowel, Brown Paper Bags, Dried Spanish Moss, Floral foam, Styrofoam Ball

Step 1:  Glue burlap to old vase, frayed edge side up if possible.

Step 2: Wedge flower arrangement foam into vase.

Step 3:  Poke wooden dowel of desired height into the foam.

Step 4: Attach foam ball to the top of the dowel to create the topiary form.

Step 5:  Scallop open edge of paper bag with scissor.

Step 6:  Scrunch bag slightly to create a textural rumple.

Step 7:  Pin and glue the base of the scrunched brown paper lunch bags into the foam ball.

Step 8:  Finish with moss at the top of the vase.














We think our Paper Topiary Tree was the perfect way to welcome our guest with festive party decorating.

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