Party Peacock Presents The Breville, Baby!!

Italy Jay Jay

Our Italian Party Peacock announces our Breville GiftAway Winner!!  Javier Mendoza!!

breville in kitchen floor

Here is the brand spankin’ new Breville Baby!  It is flying via stork or UPS to Javier, who is not only going to be a proud Breville Papa, but soon to be a proud Papa in general.  Congratulations Javier, this Breville couldn’t have gone to anyone needier than the parent of a newborn!  We know….we’ve been there, 9 times total!

The drawing was completed on Thursday, 3 December 2009 at 20:43:50 UTC.

Also, for the record.  We must disclose that we received this espresso machine from an awesome company that makes awesome products, Breville USA.  This is how the whole thing went down!  More than a year and a half ago, Kristin & Devon and their gang of kids took a road trip from Baltimore to Minneapolis via the Dakotas to visit us.  If you’re tracking that road map, they passed us to the Dakotas and then did a loop back.

Kristin and Devon are coffee lovers to say the least.  Some years back they owned their own coffee shop on Historic Ellicott City’s cobbled streets.  (If you look closely at the previous link, their place was the 3 storied building with the green shutters next to the lit up building.)   A few years ago, after wearing out their old machine they replaced it with a Breville.  So, when they had to hit the road, knowing how many stops they would have to make to deliver the amount of caffeine needed to drive half way across the United States, they decided to pack their Brev’.

Somewhere along the way, they discovered outlets….outlets in vacant lots, outlets in rest stops, outlets in hotel room and outlets near McDonald’s.  Their road trip begin to take on a new meaning….the Breville took on a sort of gnome-like, personality.  Kristin and Devon and their 5 kids arrived a few days later at our home, in Minnesota, fully charged.  A year or so later a post was born and life went on ….. and blogging went on.  And, then one day, more than a year later,  I noticed that Breville USA had just started tweeting.  I tweeted a link to our “RoadTrip +Breville (espresso machine, that is)” and they responded back.  Turns out they kinda’ liked our little road-trip!  A friendship or should I say twitter-ship began between us and the next thing we know, one Fancy Friday while we were working the doorbell rang and some Breville boxes arrived on the porch.  The Breville-s had landed.

espresso machine in kitchen

So, for full disclosure, yes Breville gave Kristin and I some Breville espresso machines…one is parked in Kristin’s kitchen, one in mine, and one quite shortly in Javier’s.  And, ya, in the interest of Breville and our little growing blog (141 comments whohoo!!!)  we tweeted and Facebook-ed it up!!  That’s called endorsement.  But, for the record we traveled with our Brev’ long before this fun began!  So that’s just how it all started…..we like coffee, we like Breville, we like travel, Breville liked our post, Breville-s landed.  But, the real question is, where will the Breville-s go next?  You’ll have to stay tuned for that, we have our thinking hats on….I’m sure we’ll come up with some sort of idea, cause we like to cruise around, we like to travel and we like our shots of espresso straight from our Brev’s.  ‘Cause that’s how we roll!

Now I wonder what we’d do with juicers? hmmmmm 😉

So, thanks friends for all your great comments!!  Your travel ideas were thoughtful and funny!!  We hope you take your travel ideas and follow your dreams!  And, Javier, we wish you nights full of sleep and mornings full of espresso!!  And, many joys with your future baby!!  Maybe we’ll give her a nickname around here like little cuppa’ cuteness!!  So, in honor of your future package and your future arrival we would like to offer our comments up for new born baby advice, best wishes and congratulations!