Pavlova in Ireland

How does Pavlova find itself on the table of an Irish meal? Well, if you’re my friend Jenn, whose husband moved to Ireland when he was a little boy, from New Zealand, it’s totally normal.

While we were in Ireland, we shared a number of amazing meals. We had fresh mussels and fish curry,

roasted chicken with spuds in jackets, pasties, fish and chips, cinnamon twists

and a roasted lamb dinner that made me fall in love with my husband all over again!

Our hostess Jenn, began cracking eggs and separating them. With a baby on her hip and a well loved recipe, she flitted around her kitchen like an Irish fairy. She showed Baker Boy just how Pavlova is done.

She baked it nice and slow, finished it with whipped cream, grated milk chocolate and fresh kiwi. Then proceeded to slice generous wedges of white cloud goodness. It melted in our mouths. I’d never had Pavlova before, but I will be making it for my family. And in true Irish tradition, will serve it with a bottle of Belfast Black.

Coming together at the table, bringing family recipes, talent in the kitchen and great conversation, is a LoveFeast indeed.

What are your favorite moments at the table?

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  1. I love pavlova, and also first had it in Ireland. My mother-in-law introduced makes it. It’s such a basic recipe that creates such a fancy-feel. I recently made it for my family, here in the states and they also fell in love. I love pavlova, and love that it reminds me of Ireland, too.

    • Regina, so true! I haven’t made it yet now that I’m back here in the states, but am planning on it! I know my kids will love it! Where in Ireland did you go?

      • My husband is from Cork, which is where I studied for a semester, so we usually spend all of our time there. Cobh, to be exact.

  2. My first experience with pavlova was with some dear, dear friends from New Zealand. I love that you share it in the context of a LoveFeast – that was the way I learned to love it! I never know what moments are my favorite – my love language is the gift of presence, so just having my people close… that means so very much…

  3. Ditto! We had our first taste of that deliciousness about 15 years ago while visiting my friend’s family in Shillelagh in County Wicklow. I thought it was quite fancy and I was surprised at how simple it is. I was so in love that I made it for parties and dinnners for a while after our return home. It seems like the perfect time of year to rekindle that romance. Thanks for sharing Kristin!

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