Pazo Raises the Bar

pazo Friends of ours decided to get married…a bit on the fly.  So, after we attended their spontaneous ceremony, we “flew” into action.  We wanted to make their day special.  I went to a favorite Baltimore spot, Pazo .  I wanted to make reservations, make sure the tab was charged to me and give them a heads up that this was a special evening.  Ingrid, the dining room manager, knew just what to do!  She reserved a table and made a note to add on complimentary glasses of champagne.  I left knowing that my friend’s night was in good hands.

They arrived for dinner and said everyone was already clued into their wedding!  They were treated like royalty and enjoyed every aspect of their meal!  (And on a side note, my brother proposed to my now sister in law, at Pazo.  Their experience was just as incredible!)

I can’t tell you how hard it is to find restaurants who really understand the art of hospitality!   Pazo, on the other hand,  has an incredible knack for making all guests feel at home and welcomed.  It’s not stuffy or pretentious.  It is special. The food is always good, the smells alluring and the sights enough to feed your visual appetite!

So, the next time you are looking for just the right restaurant, for a special occasion (or not), and you want to know that from start to finish you will not be disappointed, don’t hesitate to make reservations at Pazo.  They truly have raised the bar for the rest of the Baltimore restaurants!

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