Peanut Butter Cookie Days


There is nothing more basic than a peanut butter cookie.  It’s a cookie I hadn’t made in ages.  Earlier this week I was craving a good ole’ peanut butter cookie brown, crispy, and fork-printed.  A cookie that fit the mood.  A cookie that fit the weather.  You see there hasn’t been much light around here lately…so maybe basic was a good way to go….or not.


It’s hard to wake up and get inspired looking at this.  And this doesn’t exactly make you want to burst out with creativity either.


Seriously?  I live in this fog?  I know, I know….I had some outings this past month, in fact more than usual.  I had my trip to Mexico and then to the Blissdom conference in Nashville and then a trip to Florida with my daughter’s soccer team in just three weeks.  And, it was bliss.  And, I really shouldn’t keep complaining about this.


But, then the blankness creeps in and I forget the breeze and the sun and the fun and I go about my day….van-ing my kids to school.


And, I try not to look down at this.


Really, I need to write.  So I try not to look at this.


And, I need to bake something and I could so get over whelmed looking at a morning’s mess after 4 kids and a husband have hurried on to their days….and yes we were out of orange juice and let our 15 year old crack open a nice $3 bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider usually reserved for special occasions.


But really life is how you choose to look at it.  Clutter is something my blogging friend Jennifer experienced coming home from Kenya.  But, maybe clutter is just a picture of an active energetic family filled with life.


And, maybe there should be more days we start with Martenelli’s in the special bottle.  This is a little lesson I learned from Kevin Carrol at the Blissdom Conference.


Life truly is how you make it or in this case…how you bake it.  So when life gives you plain monotonous colorless days you might just need to jazz it up some.  There will be brighter days ahead!


What do you do to jazz up the ordinary in your day and around your table?

What brings color to your ordinary?


Leave your tips, ideas, thoughts and inspiration!!