Pig Cake & Shebang Cheesecake

Actually, really it’s Orange & Bourbon Chocolate Cake from The Spotted Pig in NYC.  The Spotted Pig was on our hit list for restaurant’s in NYC but, we didn’t get there.  So, after I got back and was planning my girls’ night out party, I was super excited to find this recipe in the back of my In Style magazine (February 2009 issue, p.192).

Now, usually when I have parties my husband is the go-to guy.  You just turn around once and shebang there’s a cake!  He is famous for his cheesecakes, many from our Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cookbook.  For my party he made Orange Butterscotch Cheesecake.   Our dog Solomon, was also famous for cheesecakes in a different way.  He had a love of wandering and a nose that led him to many a baking counter.  When we lived in Maryland he sniffed his way through back doors, ate thawed butter, walked around people’s houses, and came out their front doors when they came home from work.  Here in Minnesota, he had been known to eat any extra Sam’s Club purchases stored up in the garage, and eventually he made it to the B’s during Christmas  one year, and chowed down a whole GOURMET cake, next thing ya’ know he ate the whole shebang!   God rest his soul, literally.


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