Pink Antlers ~ Modern Rustic Chic

This fall has been our busiest so far!  We have been working quick to take care of business in our LoveFeast Shop.  We have been helping customers receive their Velvet Pumpkins for special occasions such as Teacher Appreciations, Special Gift Baskets, and Fall Weddings.  We’ve been extra busy because of the wave of “Pumpkin Love” that seems to be striking so many!

We are thrilled to receive emails with exclamation points about how much our customers LOVE our velvety Plush Pumpkins! 

The tricky part about having such a beautiful, loveable, high quality, luxe, gorgeous, natural, modern, rustic and chic item such as the Plush Pumpkin – is that it is a hard act to follow.  This is why were so excited to find a product that we thought equally elegant, sophisticated, modern, natural and luxe.

We are happy to show you ~ our NEW Pink Lucite Antlers.  What a find!

We think they are going to be so amazingly striking on corner tables, bookcases, shelves and tables everywhere!  This is the type of accessory that will never go out!  When you pair the classic rustic-ness of nature with modern lucite.  You get wow.

Can you just imagine a fall table adorned with antlers and layered with velvet pumpkins!?


Loose Deer Antlers



Deer Rack


Mule Deer Rack

The Antlers and Antler Racks were so great we decided to round out the rustic chic look with a couple of other finds for our LoveFeast Shop.  This X-stool is made out of Lucite and hide and is trimmed with nail heads.  How about this hide bench for extra seating for your holiday party?



X Stool – Hide


We’ve always been fans of burlap.  This same X-Bench finished with a burlap linen shows a unique take on relaxed elegance.  Beautiful!  It also comes in a bigger bench size if you need more seating.



X Stool – Burlap

We have always been confident in the look we are curating in our LoveFeast Shop.  We know we wanted our products to be high quality and sophisticated.  We want the pieces we find to share a story, be created by an artist, or share a creative inspiration.  There are certain elements we love and you will see that more and more.  We love nature, the hand made and we love things that are modern and fresh.  Blend the two together in one piece and it will more than likely catch our eye.   If the item is created, up-cycled or distributed by a passionate artist or business owner that is living out their dream we are excited to be a part of that story.

Gathering unique items to decorate your home is a journey.  It’s nothing that has to be forced or rushed.  Finding something you love and that inspires you should be fun.  We are thrilled to be a part of helping you make your life ~ beautiful.  One final note ~ when you look at something beautiful you purchased for your room – doesn’t it make you happy? We hope so!

We’ve just shared some of our new pieces in the LoveFeast Shop ~ but now tell us ~ do you have a special something in your home that you decorate with that makes you smile?