Pioneer Woman Book Signing


What a day yesterday was!  Now that I’m relaxing in my yoga pants with a double espresso downed and doing laundry, I can barely figure out how to recap!  Let’s just say that Saturday I hit the ground running-but at least I didn’t hit a deer (ahem! Kristin).  First of all, I was double booked.   I had committed to being on the hostess committee for a benefit for Healing House, an amazing residential recovery for women and their children.

Teena Dietz

My friend Teena Dietz, founder of Intentional Serenity was the co-chair of this event, Fashion With Compassion.  She has tons of enthusiasm for dreaming big and can always…


……she and so many other volunteers made the benefit a big success!!

Healing House Benefit

Here I am with some wonderful ladies that joined LoveFeast Table at this event!  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch, fashion show, and a silent auction.

Dream Chalkboard

LoveFeast Table donated our signature silver framed chalkboard!

PW Book signing

So, while I was enjoying tea, fashion, and friends for a wonderful place…my posse was wrangling toward Nordtrom’s court at the Mall of America for a book signing by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, for her new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Posse at MOA PW Signing

Because, I didn’t think I would make both events, I had to send my willing entourage instead.  Pioneer Woman likes to brag on her Marlboro Man but, I’d like to take a minute to brag on my Suburbia Man.

Todd at PW Signing

My Suburbia Man, suggested, yes SUGGESTED that he go to the Pioneer Woman signing on my behalf!  He got into line at 12:30 pm and waited for three hours…

Todd at PW Signing

with my Punks from the ‘burbs and five cookbooks!

Kids at MOA

He chatted with others in line…

Soriety girls

and according to some, proudly tweeted his endeavors.

Todd at PW Signing

“LoveFeast husband standing in line at Mall of America for Pioneer Woman Book signing – new definition of payback!

Todd at PW Signing

“OMG,Lovefeast husband still in line at MOA for Pioneer Woman book signing. The honey-do list just got a lot shorter.

Todd at PW Signing

There were a lot of things that went on in those three hours they waited in line, some of them that I would not have approved of…such as children dribbling smoothies over future Christmas presents!

Emma & PW Cookbook

Emma & PW Cookbook

Eventually, I finished up at the Healing House benefit and made it to the Mall of America in time to still see The Pioneer Woman.  Suburbia Man continued to hold my place in line, while I went to get Marlboro Man (Ree’s husband) to sign the back of my cookbooks.  At first I thought one of Ree’s Punk’s had a scar on his face from like a barbed wire fence or somethin’ at the ranch, but then I saw that it was only pen.

MM & Punks

Punks in Suburbia like blue pens too..maybe one of your punks can marry my punk..

Blue Paint Girl 1

After I wake up and get her some etiquette training…


But, I digress, I’m getting ahead of myself here.  So, after three hours of waiting in this line, Suburbia Man was free to do more carpooling and soccer games.  Ava and I continued to wait for three more hours.

blogger friend

And, look who I found in line?   It’s my blogging friend, Jessica, that I met at the MckMama & Friends outing at Mudd Lake!

Line at MOA

Finally, we got our turn on the MOA stage to meet The Pioneer Woman.


Ree, is incredibly gracious and patient signing all my cookbooks.  I am wondering how she is able to multitask so effortlessly signing books and making conversation for 7 hours straight.

PW Book signing

Here, I asked her where she went for dinner last night.  Manny’s.  She had lobster.  It was fabulous.


And here I am explaining who I am.  Who am I anyway?

PW Book signing

Here I am saying who knows what…

PW Book signing

about to get starstruck and black out…

PW Book signing

Everything went into a haze at this point, my mind went fuzzy, my brain is multitasking: Who am I?  Who is Ree?  Where are my real questions like how do you do it all?  What kind of hair product do you use?  How do you cook, clean, blog, parent four kids, and book-sign?   This apparently bored Ava to sleep.  I tell Ree I’m new at this food blogging thing.


But, hold over folks, LoveFeast Table seemed vaguely familiar to Ree!  Was it my attempt to make her Strawberry Shortcake Cake in a coffee can (Note to self: do not repeat this offense).

Maybe it was my pathetic attempts at being her Minnesota weather radar.

@thepioneerwoman If you need a play-by-play for the weather when coming to MN, I can look out the window and let you know.

Unfortunately, there are more of these tweets out there in tweet-land!

@thepioneerwoman MN Weather update, come prepared for snow, sleet, fog, warm sun or blizzard. Just sayin’


This poor lady was put to work, she’s still signing…she’s thinking too, why is LoveFeast Table so familiar?  Is it the tweets, the Strawberry Shortcake? Facebook?  The sequestering of her former guest blogger, Ryan of This is Reverb, in a LoveFeast TakeOn.


Anyway, at this time my mind, like our outfits was in shades of gray…I don’t even recall thanking you for the moment…so THANK YOU, Ree for such a kind conversation and enduring my stack of books with a smile!!  I am sure if I lived on a ranch next door instead of Minneapolis suburbia, we’d be great, fast friends.  And, thanks for visiting our blog LoveFeast Table!!  Maybe, if we work real hard we can follow in your blogging shoes..we have what means the most..the support of our families.  Here is my Ava-girl soliciting Mall of America shoppers with a LoveFeast Table flier.




It’s never to early to work toward your own Mall of America book signing!!

**Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook GiftAway coming soon!!**

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  1. Hilarious post! She is adorable. I met her at Blogher and she was every bit as charming in person as she is on her blog.

  2. In that case, I’m coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. Wait. Does that mean you waited SIX HOURS to meet her? HOLY CRAPOLA! THAT is commitment. And major kudos to LFH for waiting for 3 hours. BeanDad would have given up after about 14 minutes.

  4. Cute! I wish my kids were a little older so they could be like your punks! Here was my my experience:

  5. What a great post. wow 6 hours. you are a rock star!!!

  6. So glad to see you got your post up! I am also glad you brought your punks, they kept me entertained for the 5 hours I was in line with them… especially your dancing diva Ava, she’s adorable! Sorry I didn’t stick around so chat after you were done with all your books. I would have loved to hear what she all had to say in reponse to your questions, but I had to get to work. I’ve enjoyed your blog so far today, great work, and what dedication!
    Keep it up!
    -the girl in purple in front of you in line, I don’t think I ever did give you my name. Oops.

  7. First of all, I want pink cowboy boots like Ava’s! Yowzer!

    And great funny post! And what fun! I can’t believe you guys waited for a total of 6 hours! Wow! And what a wonderful husband you have. That’s love!

    And your meeting with Pioneer Woman goes to show those doubters just how nice food bloggers really are!

  8. I sure hope Atlanta isnt 6 hrs. I only have 1 book and no cute pink booted beauties at my side. Thanks for sharing.

  9. 6 hours in line? I am so not that patient. That’s why you got the goods and I never will! GREG

  10. I went to the signing here in Chicago Thursday night. Haven’t blogged it yet though. Luckily I noticed they were handing out numbers when B&N opened, so I stopped by and got mine, #58. When we got there three hours before the signing they were on #197. then while standing in line, someone asked me what number I was so she could find her place. Hers was #229. UGH. I stood in line 1.5 hours for #58. No idea how long the rest stood there. LOL

  11. Good for you – I went to the Mall on Saturday, got there at 1:30 p.m. and was TOTALLY intimidated by the line. 🙂 So I went to Williams Sonoma instead and bought mixing bowls. 🙂 It was fun to see Ree from afar.

  12. 6 hours – wow! LFH definitely gets Fabulous Husband of the Week award. I wish I could have joined in your fun for the day.

  13. I was thinking about driving from Baltimore to Westchester, PA for the December 13 signing, but maybe not with a 6 hour wait… :-/

    That is amazing that LFH stood in line for 6 hours! Mine would have given up WAY before then.

  14. Yeah, have to say my LFH wouldn’t have waited either…unless there was bit o shebang cheesecake involved!

  15. Your photos turned out so great! I see my husband waiting in that line in one of your photos, pushing the stroller, while I was off in the far corner of Hanna Anderssen with my kids playing….My photos turned otu so lousy, I’m debating even posting them.
    The icing on the cake for me was having my note in the cookbook to sign “Dan and Juli” and when I opened it up on Sunday morning to look at it – Ree signed it “Dan and JILL!”
    5 hours in line waiting and now I have to legally change my name to Jill….

  16. Ohh that is sooo cool! hell yeah suburbia man! I’m getting that cookbook for my auntie helen who loves that blog!

  17. After three hours I’m just hoping you got that man of yours something besides the cookbook. Not that the cookbook isn’t utterly fabulous, but I’d say he deserves a four course meal cooked by Ree herself!

    Thanks so much for the incredibly kind comment at my place. Pleasure to meet-ish you.

  18. Chris Ann you are amazing! Waiting in line for 6 hours (with kids) for signed cook books would never happen with this group. We would have been tossed out by mall security for bad behavior. I hope you find something fabulous to create for Thanksgiving with your new cookbook.


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