Pursuing Your Passion

Pursuing your passion, has been a hot topic around here lately.  You know that thing that gets you excited…so excited your brain won’t shut off at night, because there are so many ideas about that passion?!  You are constantly talking about it, or thinking about it.  Your heart even starts beating quicker when you talk about it!  Chris Ann and I believe wholeheartedly that everyone should pursue their passion.  We shared with the ladies (and man) at BlogLove Minnesota our belief.   We even teach our kids this life motto!

For sixteen years, Chris Ann and I have been stay at home moms.  We have cooked countless meals, potty trained too many people, folded enough clothes to cover China and used enough cleaning supplies to start our own landfill.  Anyone who is raising kids knows there’s very little time in the day for “pursuing your passion”.  In fact, most mamas fall into serious crisis identity.  Who am I?  Who will I be when my kids are grown?  Do I even have time to take care of myself?  For fourteen years we road that roller coaster.  There were times we’d peek through the cloud of motherhood to make a homemade card for someone, or cut some fresh flowers from the garden and take care to arrange them.  Every now and then, there would be time and inspiration to re-paint a room and decorate!  Honestly, those were the little creative moments we held onto that kept us in touch with our passions.

(Quick disclaimer…I fully believe that raising children can be creative in and of itself!  That it is also part of pursuing passion…but, for just a moment, I’m speaking from a very internal, personal place.)

So, two years ago, we found ourselves at a place of total inspiration…and with reality bearing down on us that we were only a few years from putting 9 kids into college!  Chris Ann and I set out on pursuing our passions…the passion to create, make things beautiful and gather people.

I would like to be able to end here and say it’s all been a bowl of bliss and we are like dancing fairies in a colorful meadow, but that would not be honest.

We found ourselves on the first night at BlogHer ’10, feeling like utter failures.  Why?  We’re not really sure.  But, somehow we both landed there at the same time (which usually never happens!)

You see, this “pursuing your passion” gig comes with hard work and sacrifice.  We are still raising our kids, making meals, doing laundry and playing taxi driver to all of them…but, there is a new strain and it’s called “mommy’s working”.  There was already no time in a day and now we are borrowing time from them.  So, there is a constant tension of trying to find that balance of  “pursuing our passion” and not missing a moment of our kids growing up.  Pressure!

Ok, so we found ourselves that night saying we could throw the towel in…go back to just keeping house and raising kids.  We could steal many moments snuggled up on the couch reading books.  We could.  We’re good at it!  We did it for 14 years.  But, then wouldn’t we be hypocrites?  We tell our kids to pursue their passions!  Heck, we even drive them countless hours a week to and from their pursuits!

This past couple of years have stretched us and our families.  It has been uncomfortable at times.  We’ve wanted to give up.  But, the thought of turning off the flow we’ve started, would be devastating.  There are years of creativity and ideas that we’ve unleashed.  Even our husbands say, “You two are too creative and motivated to just be stay at home moms.”

So, as we enter a new school year, with new schedules…we are trying to implement a few guidelines for ourselves to create balance.  The honest truth…we want it all!  Really it’s what a LoveFeast Lifestyle is all about.  Enjoying the precious moments with our kids, while devouring all that life has to offer.  It doesn’t come without sacrifice…be it investing in family or pursuing passions.  But we think  it’s worth it.


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