31 Days To Savor~Recipe For A Better Sandwich


Today for our 31 Days To Savor A Beautiful Life series we are going to share about the art of making a better sandwich!   Life is busy and many of us are too use to running through the drive-thru in search of a sandwich or guilty of eating our childrens’ sandwich crusts for lunch while simultaneously cleaning up the kitchen.


But, today we are going to talk about taking time to make yourself a better sandwich.  I have a few tricks that I think make a better sandwich.

The first is good hearty toasted bread.  Then add some mayonnaise and perhaps some meat like turkey.


Here are some “tricks in a bottle” for kicking your sandwich up to the next level.  Stock your pantry with the following four sauces and you will be ready to make some sandwich happiness.

Mustards.  These are a couple in my fridge, but feel free to experiment.


Then, I also like to add some chutney.  There are a variety of fruit chutneys out there…find a jar that looks good to you!


Jars of jams and mustards like these might not be on your regular grocery shopping list.  Many times these types of items cost a little bit more than your average condiments.  We like to call these types of items “food toys”.  Yes they might be a little splurge.  But, we think your worth it!!

Then, add some thing crisp to your sandwich.  Lettuce is something we have come to expect on a sandwich.  I propose adding something tart and crisp like an apple slice.


Take some extra time to give your sandwich some love!  And then take some time to savor your feast!


What’s your favorite sandwich?  What are your super sandwich tips?

31 Days to Savor a Beautiful Life


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