Road Trip + Breville (espresso machine, that is!)

This summer we won’t be taking a vacation.  I know, I know, sad.  But, not really.  You see, I’m still living off of last year’s Killer Road Trip!  Have you ever taken one of those vacations where you decided to pack it all in?!  That’s what we did!

The day we were leaving and packing up the van, Devon unplugged our Breville Espresso Machine and the grinder.  I said, “What are you doing?  Where is that going?”  He responded, “With us.  On the road.”  You see, we have made many trips across country.  The worst part about those drives is the lack of good coffee.  You know, you wake up in the morning, the air is crisp, you leave your hotel and head out on the road.  Your only choices are what we call “caffeinated hot liquid beverages“.  They really don’t pass for coffee (at least not in our book).  So, this go around, Devon was bound and determined we would have the real deal and make this one memorable road trip!

Well, me being an Amelie lover, decided to document our trip…instead of a gnome, we had our Brev!

We headed out from Baltimore and landed in St. Louis, MO to see Devon’s mom.  We went up in the arch.  We went to the City Museum (this alone was worth a trip half way across the country!)  After a couple of days there, we headed up to South Dakota.  We went to the Badlands, the fossil museum (if you can call it that…more like a glorified pit stop with a few rocks) and the Corn Palace.  We headed up to Mt. Rushmore.  Our Brev hit roadside stops along the way.  After a few days among the bikers, we didn’t realize it was Sturgis Week too, we headed back east to visit CA and family in MN.  We lingered there for a week then headed back to St. Louis and then home.

I have to say, having the Brev with us, made the trip more exciting and enjoyable.  We drove, we talked, we sipped our Americanos…and our stomachs didn’t hurt from the gas station acid we could’ve bought to keep us awake!

P.S.  Some people called us obsessed, but I must add, we have inspired two separate families to take their machines with them on the road!  We are not the only ones!


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