Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers

It’s been a week of feasting, for sure! It’s the kind of week where calorie counting is put on pause and you just enjoy each meal as a gift. This week I’ve enjoyed my husband’s rich, slow roasted lamb, my daughter’s hand rolled sugar cookies, my cousin’s first ever roasted turkey, a friend’s super soaked rum cake and of course…homemade cinnamon buns. I have received gourmet food toys, such as dark chocolate with pink pepper and citrus notes, tarragon dijon kale crunch and chipotle spice sipping chocolate. Friends and family know we love our food toys!

Recently I received a special package…a wooden box.

Inside of this box was 4 jars of Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers, offering themselves to us as inspiration to embellish future meals.

There were two jars of Rose Romano’s Italian Green Peppers and two jars of Red. These gourmet toppings were beckoning us to use them!

In typical Devon fashion, he used these new food toys as an excuse to run out and buy a rib eye. Because, he was convinced that the grilled rib eye would become something extra special slathered in Rose Romano’s Italian Red Peppers with a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano. He was so right! We heated the Red Peppers just a bit and poured them on our sliced rib eye, then grated fresh cheese on top to create an Italian Steak dish that the whole family loved!

The next morning, with the flavors still lingering in my mouth and a half of a jar left in my fridge, I fried up an egg in extra virgin olive oil, added a handful of arugula and finished the sandwich with a bit of the Rose Romano’s Peppers. Not only was it colorful, but the flavors worked perfectly together.

Around here, “fast food” tends to be food toys that we use to make meal preparation a little quicker. Rose Romano’s Peppers are a great addition to our pantry. The sauce is not too sweet, but just the perfect balance of fresh tomatoes that lends a base for red or green peppers to take center stage.  Not to mention, it is a  low calorie, gluten free and locally sourced product. This sauce would be great tossed in pasta, served over cheesesteak subs, used as a base for grilled pizza or spooned on polenta.

We are thrilled to announce that Rose Romano’s has even caught the attention of Philadelphia’s Kimberton Whole Foods. Word is, it’s stocked on their shelves. But, if you’re not in the Philly area, you can order it on Amazon: Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers, Marinara with Green Bell Peppers, 16 oz. jar, 4 Pack You can also read more about how Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers was created, HERE. Like all good things, this one comes with a great story.

Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers sent us their product to try and paid us for this post. However, the opinions expressed about the quality of this product, are entirely our own.