Fancy Friday ~ Fabric Inspiration

Well, I could wander around here all day.

Many times I have.  There is something about floor to warehouse ceiling stack of bolts and bolts of fabric that calms me.  For awhile ~ until I start buzzing with ideas.

While wandering this maze of isles I find inspiration.

The inspiration to build ideas, tablecloths, curtains and pillows.

The more projects I think of the more I start to giggle.  I’m giddy now, high on ribbons and remnants and linens.

There are plans for pillows and streamers.

Then I call someone who knows just how I feel and I try to explain what this is?  Ribbon or gusset?  It’s velvet and interesting.  So, some for her and some for me.  For whatever we decide to make fancy!

One of my favorite inspiration haunts  in Minneapolis is S.R. Harris.  Do you have a favorite creative inspiration place you like to stalk?  Spill your secrets!!  Leave a comment and tell us all where it is.

Link up something you’ve been inspired to make lately here~