Safe House of Hope Event

Safe House of Hope

For the last year, I have been involved with an organization called Safe House of Hope.  The founder of the organization, Denene is a good friend of mine.  Denene is a mom of 6…soon to be 7 children.  Two of those children she adopted.  She has a super big heart.

She started Safe House of Hope because of her passion to see victims of domestic sex trafficking industry, find freedom and healing.  In Baltimore, there are very few services offered for under aged girls who are rescued from sex trafficking.  When a brothel or prostitution ring is broken up and a girl under the age of 18 is discovered, Denene is called in to work with the girl.  She has found that many of these girls were started in prostitution by a family member as a way to pay rent or buy food.  Here in Baltimore the average age for girls to be forced into selling themselves is 11.  This is below the national average.

I know this is a heavy subject and an easy one to process as an “international issue”.  But, we are involved with the domestic industry.  The industry in our country that is growing at alarming rates.  Did you know that the sex trafficking industry is expected to surpass the drug industry this year, in profits?  It is a real issue, in every city, in America.

Safe House of Hope is hosting a Free Screening of Very Young Girls this Saturday night, March 26 at 5:30 at The Gallery Church in Baltimore.  We would love for you to join us as well!  We are rating this event as a PG-13 event.  The movie is not graphic, but the nature of what we will be talking about can be difficult for some children to understand.  I will be bringing my teenagers.

Would you please help spread the word about this event?  We have room for 200 people and would love to pack the house!  This evening will be an informative one about what the industry looks like here in Baltimore and how you can get involved.

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Thank you for your support!



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