Holiday Sangria & Savoring The Moment

I have two amazing sister-n-laws that I have made many wonderful memories with.  My Colorado sister-n-law has taken me down treacherous 4-wheeling mountain trails in the pelting rain convincing me I could survive the elements and trail.  My Chicago sister-n-law Kim, I had a chance to make different type of memory several years ago ~ a little less life threatening.  This past Thanksgiving we were remembering one of our favorite Holiday memories together.

Our Holiday Sangria Memory ~

A few years ago when Kim’s family was visiting our home for Christmas, we had run out to pick up a few more gifts at the Mall of America, here in Minnesota.  Like many Moms this time of year we were tired, a little stressed with the holiday “to-do” list lurking in our minds. Running at the last minute to the MOA is not the fastest trip you’ll ever take shopping. Soon we found our feet dragging and our stomachs rumbling. We were going to have to stop and get a bit to eat. We found a restaurant with “faux outdoor dining” overlooking the indoor amusement park. The shoppers, the squeals, the echo, and the piped music dulled to a quiet roar as we found our seats. Ahhhh! A bit of rest in the whirr of it all.

The waiter came to the side of our table and greeted us,”Can I interest you in a holiday cocktail?” Not quite what we were thinking in the midst of our midday.  I glanced at Kim and saw that she had raised her eyebrow and given me the eye.  Well, one glass into our Holiday Sangria we had made friends with our waiter and secured the recipe.  You can find the recipe and original story here.

The best of this memory ~ we remember it every holiday we are together and try to make sure that we have a batch of Sangria waiting each other. While arrangements are made via phone call before my arrival this past Thanksgiving Kim assured me, “Don’t worry the I’m thinking of you sister, your glass of sangria will be awaiting you!”

We laugh, we remember, and we treasure a memory that renews itself every year.

We happened that year upon a chance to remember what this season is really about.

Savoring all the gifts we have been given ~ treasures of spending time, savoring a moment and making memories!

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Do you have a holiday memory that you continue to savor?  Leave a comment ~ we’d love to hear you story!