Santa Nutter Butters

Our next guest is a mama extraordinaire! Not only does she craft, travel, compete in triathlons and snowboard, she’s also a REAL Orange County wife.  She’s smart, fun and well, she’s adding tons of sparkle to our Holiday Cookie Exchange.  We are pleased to introduce our next guest, Kelly from All About Kelly. Oh, and, don’t forget to link up your favorite recipe HERE. ~ Chris Ann & Kristin

There’s LOTS of holiday baking going on. But, sometimes, you just need to keep things simple (& kid-friendly). These Nutter Butter Santas have become a holiday staple in our household & my kids (& I) look forward to baking making them every year.

First of all, gather your supplies: nutter butter cookies, white chocolate baking chips or mini marshmallows, white chocolate for melting (you can use candy melts or white chocolate baking chips), mini m&m’s, granulated sugar (optional), red sprinkles (the granulated sugar kind), Red Hots & some wax paper.

Next, melt your chocolate using a double broiler, or using the microwave (my personal pick). Then, grab the center of your cookie
& dip, baby, dip. The top portion is going to be Santa’s hat – so dip that a 1/4 or so of the way in, & the bottom is going to be
Santa’s beard – so dip that a little less than 1/2 way. But, don’t worry about specifics… just do what you think looks good.

Lay your cookies down on wax paper & sprinkle the top half (Santa’s hat) with the red sprinkles (if you leave just a touch of
white chocolate peeking through it looks like his hat has a bit of a furry trim), & if you’d like, sprinkle his beard with the
granulated sugar to give it a little extra “sparkle”.

Now, add a white chocolate chip, or mini marshmallow (I usually cut the marshmallow in half), in an off-center position on Santa’s hat for his pom pom. Using a little white chocolate, glue on some mini m&m’s for eyes, & a Red Hot for his nose. Finally, after all that hard work, you’ve got your finished product.

Trust me, these will be a BIG hit at your house. EVERYONE will be volunteering to help. Just make sure to have some extra supplies on hand, because I’m sure there will be some nibbling involved.


Thank you to Kelly from According To Kelly for sharing your Santa Nutter Butter Cookie recipe at our table! ~Chris Ann & Kristin

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