Saturday Farmer’s Market

The color and the texture at a Farmer’s Market always inspire me.

Farmer’s Markets’ say linger, look, stroll, savor, and relax.

Only two people asked me why I was taking pictures at the market.

One was an old farmer who when I answered, “I have a food blog”, shrugged, as in, whatever floats your boat.

The other was a young tween boy, who I answered, “I’m taking pictures for fun”.  He replied, that’s weird.

One of my favorite stops at the Prior Lake Farmer’s Market is Cocoa & Fig.

Brioche for Breakfast anyone?

This is the Prior Lake Farmer’s Market.

What’s your favorite farmer’s market treat?

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  1. My farmer’s market is not nearly as inspiring as yours but I did get an amazing cantalope, some luscious peaches, and a few impressive tomatos at our farmer’s market last week.

  2. Fun to see pix of our local farmers’ market on your blog. I love the PL market for “ambiance” but don’t buy a lot there outside of treats from Cocoa & Fig (yum!)and baguettes from our wonderful corner bakery, Eidelweiss.

    Today went to Apple Valley and found nothing but basil, green beans and one $1 tomato. Tomatoes so disappointing this year. Skipped the beautiful and cheap floral bouquets as I’ll be out of town for a few days.

  3. Cyndy Nordyke says:

    I do enjoy Farmers Markets especially when I am overseas, it makes me feel like I am a real part of the culture. The ones in Italy are nothing like the ones here. They have coffee beans, pastas, meats of all kinds (usually in the meat market next to the Farmers Market). It’s a great way to experience the culture and an inexpensive lunch. The hard part is I don’t know what some of the things I see are, but I’m almost always willing to give it a try. Thanks for reminding me and bringing back great memories LoveFeast Table!

  4. The beautiful bouquets of basil, cilantro and rosemary call to me almost every week! The rounds of sourdough and cute blocks of rosemary chiabata dredged in olive oil & the creamy blocks of cheddar with garlic and chives that fill me up after work before I even cook dinner just from the nibbles!! We love all the produce and prepared foods that entice us every Sunday morning in Baltimore under the ramp to 83…Steve’s current favorite is the tofu pad thai, mine is the coconut shrimp on a stick, carved beef sandwich or a cranberry scone..and the scary thing is that this is between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning!!! Sometimes I think it is what gets us out the door 🙂

  5. Diane…I love the mushroom fritters with hot sauce! It pulls me out of bed too!! My kids love the bag of homemade miniature donuts! Oh, and don’t forget the buckets of fresh greens!

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love the candid shots you got.

  7. Beautiful , yummy site-love the pictures! Thank you! Betty

  8. Tracey Schowalter says:

    LOVE, love, love the farmer’s market. I may go to the Minneapolis one on Monday morning. I love to make pickled beets and dill pickles. You are a wonderful food photographer! My favorite treat at the farmer’s market…a breakfast croissant from Edelweiss and a latte.


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