Savory Chocolate Glazed Salmon


The cooking was fierce this week!  Recently we had challenged Ryan from the blog This Is Reverb, to what we call a TakeOn.  We sent him a mystery ingredient with which he had to create a savory dish.  Ryan agreed to this challenge while the LoveFeast Table gang was spending a long weekend together in Minnesota.  We had come together for a LoveFeast Table power planning weekend and we were giving away some Sweet Goddess sauces in our first GiftAway.

We pulled the Sweet Goddess sauces out and tasted them and gave Devon the task of creating a savory dish from one of these jars. He complied of course, because like many things these days….it’s “for the blog” and happy wives equal more Xbox playing time or something like that.   We all tasted the sauces and Devon quickly landed on the Blackberry Hot Fudge.

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You could see the wheels churning immediately.  Like a scientist, the formula retreated in his mind for a bit and like the chef that he is, the ingredients macerated in his creative juices!  We began to think about how much more fun it would be to invite another blog to the same challenge.  We were thrilled to have Ryan accept this TakeOn.  Of course, he didn’t know what was being sent his way.  This was going to be good!

Within 24 hours Devon approached the stove ready to create a simple yet delicately balanced sauce that would compliment Grilled Hickory Smoked Salmon.  What Devon created was perfect!  It was heavenly!  The blackberry notes came out and stood up to the smokey salmon.  It was also surprisingly wonderful with the rice!  With the rice, the chocolaty undertones came out and rounded out the entire dish!  It was a simple meal, yet delicious!


Grilled Hickory Smoked Salmon


Savory Chocolate Salmon Glaze


Roasted Portabello and Asparagus drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt


Basmati Rice


Savory Chocolate Salmon Glaze


1/2 jar Sweet Goddess Blackberry Hot Fudge sauce

2 Tbls. olive oil

1 sm. onion, fine diced (shallots would be great too!)

5 Tbls. soy sauce

2 Tbls. seedless blackberry preserves (we used Archer Farms Marrion Blackberry Preserves)

1 Tbls. black raspberry vinegar

Bring hot fudge to room temperature.  Heat olive oil on medium high heat in a medium size saute pan and caramelize onions.  Turn heat up to high and deglaze pan with soy sauce.  Turn heat down to medium add the hot fudge, jam and vinegar.  Cook to reduce sauce, almost in half.  You want it to coat the back of the spoon.


Well there it is!!  The first TakeOn.  Thank you to Ryan for joining in on the fun!  We appreciate the fact that you answered yes to a strange email asking you to do crazy things!! And, we are are impressed with what you did with the Blackberry Hot Fudge sauce creating Chocolate Samurai Wings.  We are looking forward to trying your recipe…’cause we are curious, ya’ know.  What could we do next?


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