Sexy Apple Pie and High Test Chocolate Cake

It was delicious!!  So good, the plates were being licked clean!  My husband declared the apple pie to be the sexiest pie he had ever seen!  I have to say Ina Garten’s recipe, from the Amateur Gourmet’s challenge, produced a chocolate cake that was moist and incredible…I admit, I substituted ground espresso for instant coffee…always a purest!  This will be added to my (recipe) black book!  (Yes, I have a little black book, for my favorite recipes…I’ll share more about that another time!)  The apple pie was “gone in 60 seconds!”  with children hovering to claim any last morsels….two birthdays, two desserts…I don’t even remember what we had for dinner!




  1. […] Lots of kids around our homes tend to do this, lickin’ the plate clean thing! […]