Fancy Friday Shoes


CA:  Kristin~Let’s start with these heels…because like, we were heels…hahaha…and missed our Fancy Friday last week while we were at BlogHer10.

K:  Ok, I know lets find a quote about putting your best foot forward.

CA:  Whoops I just did a typo and said putting your best food forward.  So what kind of blog are we any way?

K:  Wasn’t that the million dollar question at BlogHer10?

CA:  True that.  Wait.  Let’s not get off topic..who’s shoes are these?


K:  These blue shoes are Rebecca’s, from Bunch Family.  Those are cute.  The next one was from the Kirkland rep…but I can’t find her card.


CA:  Cute pedi…way to rock the bling!  By the way I think it was a genius way to introduce ourselves at BlogHer…Hi We are the LoveFeast Table gals…we like your shoes…who are you?  It was kind of a fun opener…and it led us to these shoes…

K:  Remember these?


CA:  Trying to forget…they were a little bit scary.

K:  And do you remember these awesome wedges?  These were Target shoes….and they were awesome!


CA:  Yes, and even more awesome was that they belonged to another Minnesota blogger we had never met, Catherine, from Zipbag of Bones.

K:  Hey this is our one night roomie from Baby To Be TV, Linda.  This was a test shot…


K:  Hey this was some chick from the People’s Party…remember this?  This was small talk girl.


And, the boots were from Nordstroms…that much we remember.


CA:  So what’s our conclusion?

K:  We don’t have any other shoe we?

CA:  Yes, we have Laura’s (Hollywood Housewife)…cute pumps!


CA:  What’s our parting words to Fancy Friday peeps?

K:  “When we put our best foot forward the other one had better be good enough to stand on”…

CA:  Is that our quote?

K:  Yah, that’s the one I found.

CA:  Who wrote it?

K:  Cullen Hightower.  Somehow it seems appropriate for this Fancy Friday post that keeps going on and on.

CA:  Totes…Let’s end it…because like…some Fridays we just need a little help from our friends…like these Fancy bloggers who posted last week while we were at BlogHer.

Jennifer, Grow With Graces

Denise, Pertaining To Motherhood

Tiffany, Stop Doing That

Fancy Peeps…this week..what’s Fancy about your shoes?  And more importantly what keeps you moving forward?

Cause some times you just have to keep moving forward…even when your not feeling fancy!


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