Thrill of Discovery

It was a chilly, windy day and the clouds were threatening to rain.  My mom and I were not to be hindered from making it to the Washington City Paper’s Crafty Bastard Show.  The lineup was enticing, the possibilities for creative inspiration, endless.  I tried talking Chris Ann into flying in last minute to go with us.  But, being the mom of four, her time is rarely her own. But, she was with me in spirit and via texts!

There were so many creative, talented artisans.  My mom (who is an artist as well) and I lingered at favorite booths taking in the subtleties that set each artist apart.  My mom was well aware that  I was on a mission to find products to put in LoveFeast Shop.

Leather Cufflette

Chris Ann and I love the thrill of discovering true artists.  Those people who hone their craft and treat each item they make as a work of art.  For some who attend craft shows, they see every vendor as such.  But, when you really get to know an artist, there are those who are “crafters” and those who are “artists”.  I think what sets them apart is originality and craftsmanship.  There are so many tutitorials online to create this and such, which is fun! (We use them.) But, when we weigh whether an object is perfect for LoveFeast Shop, we look for a few things.  We look to see if the product is original…are the elements unique to the artisan?  Is each product created with the same care and attention?  Does the object speak to us?  (Not really a measurement here…just a feeling and typically, Chris Ann and I have the same heart response to items.)  And, does this product reflect our journey?

Leather Cufflette

We just added these leather cuffs to LoveFeast Shop.  About two years ago, Chris Ann was at a farmer’s market and discovered a gal turning vintage belts into cuff bracelets.  She bought a couple for herself and a couple for me.  We fell in love with cuff bracelets.  When I discovered these babies at a craft show in Baltimore last year, I knew they’d be a great fit to our wardrobes shop.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  There are plenty to choose from and would make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers.  We are excited to say, there are new items we’ll be introducing over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.