Shrimp and Pasta To Curb Your Chaos

As I have said before, I can be a cooking challenged food blogger, known for being desperate for dinner and “Avoiding Supper”. I have been even know to chuck meat. It seems if I get one part done, the shopping, or the menu planning, I can’t get the other part done, the cooking.Time, you see, is not on my side.I have four kids, and a full time van chauffeuring job that keeps me driving from 9am-4pm with an hour and a half window to plan, shop, cook, and eat.  It’s not that I don’t try.To ease my load a CSA from Jackson Hollow Farms is getting delivered and occasionally I make time to take the trek into the city for organic shopping at Whole Foods.Kristin is use to my manically cheerful phone call on the ride back, “Guess where I was?”Kristin, “oh, noooo!” (I always think it would be really great to answer; I got a tattoo or won the lottery.) But usually you could insert, Pier One/spent to much, my fav boutique Covered/spent too much, or new hair cut/new look.  Sometimes, it is something very close to winning the lottery– I had time to go to Whole Foods/spent too much/but feel good about it/sort of.That is typical me, good intentions, good groceries, now no time to cook them in!Well, eventually twittering and surfing around the blogging community I found another, I think, like minded food blogger.Chaos in the Kitchen is a great food blog with just what I need, a weekly planning menu with a master grocery list.And, with a name like Chaos in the Kitchen, I count her as a friend, although we’ve never met. So, after I read her Blogging the Recession, one of the recipes I made, was the Creamy Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta.It was really good; everybody in my family liked it.  Next time, I might add a little bit more spice for me and my husband, perhaps some Old Bay-just a touch.So, Chaos, thanks for the recipe help and planning and thanks for veering me off the path of unhappy all yellow food!

Also, thank you to the reader (someone who works with my husband) who sent him home with some of their stash of good ole’ fashion, Oh Henry Bar candy bars!  That made my night last night, with a glass of wine!  They’re almost as good as the real thing!  Ha!

Readers:  How do you tame your kitchen chaos conundrum?  Share your help with us!