Shrimp With Old Bay Recipe (Baltimore style!)

Our dear friends, Albert and Irene, will be heading back to Holland in two weeks. We will miss them! Devon will miss fire pit, cigar and scotch time with Al…and I will miss long heart to hearts with Irene. Our kids will miss their new “auntie and uncle”. They have quickly become members of our family and fixtures in our day to day life. It really will be hard to say good bye.
Last night, Albert’s dad joined us for a taste of Baltimore. He is here on holiday, making the most of his son’s time in the USA. Typically we would get a few dozen crabs, but it was a late dinner so we decided to steam shrimp, Baltimore style!
For those of you who have never had the privilege of smelling a plate of hot steaming shrimp that has been slathered in Old Bay…or if you have never taken the time to sit with friends, pop open a cold one and peel your hearts away….or if you have never tried one of these babies dipped in a spicy cocktail sauce…this recipe is for you! It’s easy and a crowd pleaser. You don’t need much to go along with it. We usually steam some fresh Maryland corn, but last night Devon decided to grill these sweet juicy ears.

Shrimp With Old Bay:
2 lbs. unpeeled shrimp, heads off
1 lemon cut in quarters
Can of Old Bay (really, use Old Bay…other substitutes really don’t cut it!)

1. Place 4 C. of water and lemon into a Dutch oven. Bring water to a boil.
2. Place colander in pot and put shrimp inside.
3. Sprinkle one side generously with Old Bay…put a lid on top and steam approx. 2-3 min.
4. Toss shrimp (so underside is up) and sprinkle generously with Old Bay…put lid on top and steam another 2-3 min. (Shrimp should be corally pink, not gray!)

It really is that easy! Devon mixed up cocktail sauce, with an extra spoon of horseradish! Irene tossed together a salad of cucumbers, toasted pine nuts and tomatoes and placed on a bed of baby greens.
Albert’s dad was in awe! He said in Holland they don’t have such large and juicy shrimp. He loved the spice! He was surprised the corn was sweet because in Holland it is not!
It was a great evening that we will cherish. We don’t have much time left with our friends, so we are making the most of what time we have. I guess we could always make plans to go to their side of the pond and have a Holland Love Feast! What do you think, Chris Ann?! You up for a trip?


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    Shrimp With Old Bay Recipe (Baltimore style!)