Skateboard Art Inspiration

When looking for products for LoveFeast Shop, there are a few criteria that we look for.  1) Does it make us happy? 2)Would we have it in our own homes and lives? 3)Is it unique? 4)Is it finely crafted? 5)Does it reflect a part of our journey?

Recently we added Skateboard Art to our Shop.  As soon as we stumbled on this artist at a local craft show and saw the unique ways she had upcycled used skateboard decks, we knew it was a perfect fit.

Upcycled Skateboard Luggage Tags $15

The luggage tags were unique and made us smile.  Not to mention, added to a Gussy LoveFeast Vacation Bag, added just a bit of urban edge that we like.

We had never seen skateboard decks upcycled in such a way that they could grace a table.

Upcycled Skateboard Salad Servers $65

And every time we look at these items, we remember the boys at Ridge.  The boys we LoveBombed for over a year.  The boy, from Ridge, we had live with us for a year.  These products remind us of the place these boys have in our hearts.  Recently, skater brother moved out.  He left us with a gift. This gift.

If only I could package it and put it in the Shop, I’d be able to share it with you.