Spalon Montage Minnesota Blog Pantry Event

Just a few weeks ago I had a fun night out with my Minnesota blogging friends.  It was a relaxing evening with the bloggers from the Minnesota Blog Pantry hosted by Spalon Montage in Edina, MN and Elizabeth from the blog, Beauty Bets.

We got to see some unique and up to date ways to stay groomed (threading), stylish (super strong Shellac manicures) and relaxed (Thai Yoga Massage).

Catching up with Kate ~ Kate In The Kitchen & Stephanie ~ Fresh Tart and other local blogging friends was the highlight of the night.

Elizabeth from Beauty Bets blog shared some of her favorite products with us.  We nibbled on wraps and looked at cute stationary from Red Stamp.

We couldn’t get enough time in so the a few of us rounded out the night at Cocina Del Barrio for some late night snacks and drinks.

(Trish ~ Off Camera With Trish Van Pilsum, Chris Ann ~ LoveFeast Table, Liz ~ Kitchen Pantry Scientist, Molly ~ Tastebud Tart )

Who says bloggers don’t get out from behind their screens much?!!  Thanks for a fun time y’all!