Peel your lemon our recipe for ~ the Spanish Soda Splash is the perfect summer drink for entertaining!

Spanish Soda Splash Recipe

All summer we’ve enjoyed a sparkling drink that is refreshing, light and lemony.  We enjoyed it first at a quaint Spanish restaurant in Brooklyn.  Our New York friends re-created it and now we’re  sharing it with you to enjoy ~ before the summer’s over!

life is a bowl of lemons

 Quick summer tablescape tip ~ Lemons piled in an ironstone terrain scent a room with fresh goodness.

This Spanish soda, Kas is REALLY the best to use, but it is hard to find.  This one looks interesting HERE , but we’ve never tried it.  We’ve used San Pellegrino in a pinch.

Kas Soda Amazon

Peel your lemon, add a splash of gin and the lemon soda to make a summer drink that is perfect for entertaining!

Spanish Soda Splash Recipe

 We never get tired of lemons at our table.  The possibilities are endless.

The possibilites today are endless. #quotes

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Spanish Soda Splash Recipe
Spanish Soda Splash ~ a refreshing summer lemon drink!
  • Lemon Peel
  • 2 oz. Gin
  • Kas Lemon Soda - Spanish
  • (San Pellegrino is a good substitute)
  1. Peel Lemon to flavor and garnish.
  2. Add 2 oz of Gin.
  3. Add Kas Lemon Soda to taste.