Fancy Friday St. Patrick’s Day Round Up

Today we are celebrating all things green, edible, beautiful, fancy, lucky and Irish.  We’d love to hear your story and share our inspiration.  If you are a blogger and have a post related to all things St. Patrick, please pull up a chair and join us by linking up at the bottom of this post.

Here’s a little of our inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day.

Kristin’s visit to Ireland ~

shores of ireland

and her wee little leprechaun.


Beautiful green avocados~

Avocado Pound Cake~

Irish Soda Bread~

Pull up a chair and join us!!  What are you feeling fancy about?  How do you celebrate, what story can you share, what do you have that’s green, or delicious or beautiful…or Irish?

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  1. I’m a St. Patty’s Day baby, so I have loads of happy memories associated with the day–at least one for each of my years!

  2. Let’s see…I have green/hazel eyes, I’m married to a Fagan, and I love the color green! And I consider myself pretty lucky especially to know you and your family.

  3. Well, I wish I could add a link. Alas, I’m not so organized with the new baby in tow. However, I love yours! I’m feeling pretty Irish lately though….my newest has lovely red locks too. Yay!

  4. Beth, Happy almost birthday! Will toast one for you!
    Kelly, we are just as lucky to know your family!
    Redmenace…we love us some red heads!! Can’t wait to see pics of your new little one!

  5. I shamelessly linked up all my St. Patrick’s Day posts:) Love your wee leprechaun. Can’t wait to try the Avocado Bread, we have the best avocados down here in TX. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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