St. Patrick’s Day Link Up Tomorrow & Other Fun News

We just wanted to let you know some of the fun things happening at our Table. Tomorrow, Fancy Friday will be a Link Up party for all things GREEN and ST. PATRICK’S DAY! So, get your posts ready and link up tomorrow. Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day…let’s talk Ireland for a minute. I (Kristin) went to Ireland about  6 years ago. My husband and I have great friends who live there and are doing amazing work on reconciliation. They bring people to the table who have very different views and faith to share and listen to one another. One way they want to increase that conversation in their community, in Northern Ireland, is to open a Cafe. Since my husband and I owned Jahva House, we have always had a heart to help others open their own. We are firm believers that whole communities can be transformed over a cup of coffee. They have invited us to come to Ireland next month to help them and their team open up their coffee shop. I’m thrilled!

Speaking of COFFEE…have you seen what we added to the SHOP?

LoveFeast Brew

I’m hoping to share more with you in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, if you’ve ever wanted to visit Ireland, International Delight is GIVING AWAY a trip for two, HERE. It’s easy to enter and you can enter once every day.

We’re sure you’ve noticed we are doing more with the BlogFrog community. Chris Ann and I have wanted for some time to create a place where we can all have more conversation. So, we started working with the International Delight Community. It has been a blast! There are 10 or so community leaders who start daily conversations. Then once a week or so, there is a LIVE Chat, which is like having an hour of talk time with your girlfriends, in real time. We’ve met amazing women and have also learned so much. We have decided to so something similar here at LoveFeast Table. Next week, we will be hosting our own LIVE Chat HERE on March 21 at 9pm eastern. We’d love for you to join us! We will be talking about …COMMUNITY. We want to hear your thoughts on how you are building community, meeting people online and how those compare to your IRL relationships. Will you join us?

Here is a snippet of what is happening at the International Delight Community to give you a taste!

Well, we know that’s a lot of fun info! One of our heart’s desires is to give everyone a place to pull up a chair to the (virtual) Table. We believe the more the merrier!

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So I’m curious over our cup of coffee here.. what makes you
unfollow a blog? I have a only a small group of visable followers
so i notice if the number drops off and it’s like….”hey where did
you go?” why?  May be the follow a lot of blogs and are just
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How do you unwind at night?
I have terrible insomnia, and am told that I should develop a
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