Our STYLE category is a catch-all for inspiration that comes from fashion, accessories and stylish tips and projects.

Style ~ Best Of 2013

Our STYLE category is a catch-all for inspiration that comes from fashion.  We’re going to share our favorite products, accessories, jewelry and anything that we give our LoveFeast STYLE stamp of approval to.

heirloom jewelry www.lovefeastshop.com

Nana’s Jewelry

Hoss Intropia London www.lovefeasttable.com

London Shopping At Hoss Introppia

manicure inspiration www.lovefeasttable.com

Dress For The Day ~ Color Story

Glitterized Phone Charger DIY Project www.lovefeasttable.com

 Glitterized Phone Charger DIY Project

style www.lovefeasttable.com

Style Best of 2012

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