Summer Cocktails & Themes


Over the years, somewhere along the way, Kristin and I began “theme-ing” our summers with a signature cocktail.  Looking back…I’m pretty sure it started the summer we moved to Minnesota.  The cocktail and theme was suppose to lift our spirits, embody our mojo, and help us get through our busy schedules,  holding us up until we’d meet again.  It had to be refreshing.  It had to make us happy.  It had to be a cocktail we would look forward to sharing next time we clinked our glasses together, which we try to do, at least once during most summers.  I know….no small task for one little cocktail!!

We spend a lot of time (OK, well some…) each spring discussing summer themes and cocktail choices.  We’ve had previous themes like, “Mommy-Madness & Margaritas” and “Mama-Mojo & Mojitos”.  Over the years, we have had a couple of themes around Sangria.  One year a theme was “Summer, Sunshine, & Sangria”.  We were obviously feeling upbeat about that summer’s potential!

Then, there was the summer after our trip to Italy and our time at the Limoncello Table.

That trip inspired us to do a Limoncello throw-down between our two families to see who could brew up the best batch of Limoncello.  It was the summer of “Laughter & Limoncello”.  Do you wanna’ know who won?  We defaulted.  Devon made a beautiful lemony limoncello that summer that would have won by a landslide.

As you can see this has grown into a yearly tradition.  A tradition that we wouldn’t just hand over to just any ole’ person!  This year is a different summer for us.  Our blog is underway and we are busy working on events and re-designs for our blog.  There’s a lot going on under the surface here!!  It’s going to be fun!  But, these mama’s only have so much time.  So, with compete trust and admiration for our friend’s libation skills we’ve handed over the pressure our summer-signature-cocktail-creation to our blogging friend at Sippity Sup, Greg.  I am sure he was tickled pink, with the pressure task!!

Also, here’s the scoop!  The LoveFeast gals are getting together next week!  It’s going to be fun!  I’m flying in to spend some time with Kristin….because it’s easier to create and be inspired when we are in the same room together.  We are also looking forward to getting together with the East-coast bloggers of Momz Share!!  Momz Share is a gathering for Baltimore, D.C. mom-bloggers to enjoy some “Networking, Sharing, & Cocktailing” started by Jennifer, of Hip As I WannaBe.  In other words as we say in the blogging world, we get to meet in, IRL (In Real Life!).

Kristin and I are  looking forward to clinking our glasses together “IRL” and tasting our summer’s new signature cocktail!!  We can’t wait to see what Greg has planned for us!


Want to theme your summer too?  What would your signature cocktail be?  And, who would you want to share it with?


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