Table Talk ~ Our First Live Chat

Shew! We survived! We just wrapped up our first LIVE Chat on Coffee Talk at BlogFrog.

It was such a lively chat – what a blast!!

Yes, it was.

No major secrets came out – lol!!

Except that we use candlelight to hide craping.

Do people know what craping is?  Perhaps you should tell that story…Remember the time you called me from a restaurant because you had just over heard to ladies talking about craping in front of the mirror?  And, you had to call and tell me about it?

Yes, kinda…but, let’s just clarify, it’s not “crapping” we are talking about….”craping” AKA wrinkly skin.

I am sure that this conversation has not digressed into craping because you are about to turn 40?

Ouch. That seems to be a popular topic with you lately.

It had to come out sometime!
Tap. tap – hello?  Are you meditating?

No, just pouring another glass of vino. Taking it all in stride. Actually, I’m bound and determined to rock 40 and embrace it….I’m sure you have a few tips for surviving 40…you’ve had PLENTY of experience. Can you say reading glasses?

Oh no you didn’t!!

Actually – I thought there were quite a few great tips in our live chat tonight about ideas for your party.

Yes, I think I may roll with the chai spice kit.

Perfect for your “India” theme.  They will be great party favors.


Say ya!  And, I heard belly dancers!!  This will be perfect for your mid-life crisis!

Better than Billy Idol….just sayin’.

True, true!!  We won’t say who…..

Teen , just walked in and said, “You girls really need to go to bed.”

Yes, and we just finished our last sip of wine… (at the same time) (and from two different states)…so should we let peeps know when are next chat is? The online kind that is….

Totally! February 13 at 9pm. We will be chatting HERE, LIVE with Dani Petterey. Dani is a published author and will be our guest sharing tips on getting published, how to write solid posts, etc…

What about our readers who aren’t in the BlogFrog community…how do they participate?

Go into BlogFrog, create an account.  The night of the LIVE Chat, come HERE and click on the LIVE Chat, it will go live at 9pm. It’s super easy!

It was so so fun – more than I realized…it’s like hangin with the girls, at home, together and talking …letting the conversation go wherever it takes us!!  So fun!  And, Feb 13th ~ will be so inspiring!!  Should we call it a night now?

Yes, ‘cause it’s an hour later here in Baltimore. Night! I’ll call you in the morning! Any last tidbits to tell our readers?  

I’d like to say — be there!!  We want to meet you at the table!


OK ! Over and out from Minnesota!

(logged off at 10:11 central…11:11 eastern)