One of Kristin’s and my favorite things are tables and tablescaping.   We love to gather our friends at our tables!   We love to get out all our dishes and found objects and create a table that is warm and welcoming for our guests.


When we set our table it is with our guests in mind.  It is something we enjoy doing.   We like to think about each guest and how we hope they will feel happy, special and welcome at our tables.


These are some inspiring table Kristen and I found on the ground level of Macy’s during the Macy’s Flower Show.  I love the personal touch of ribbon and writing.


This reminds me of the welcome note Kristin wrote at her table at her birthday party this past winter.

Belissimo 2

Our Table 2

Think you don’t have any cute stuff?  How about this idea.  Embrace your tuna fish and coffee cans!



Different textures and heights add interest to your table.


What are your ideas on adding interest to your table?  Please leave a comment and share!


And, please share your dishes at our next Fancy Friday~Fancy Friday Dishes!!  Dig out what’s beautiful, special, meaningful, whimsical, and wonderful about your dishes!!  We want to hear your stories about your dishes!