The Best Steak Recipe (for Coffee Lovers) Ever!

I'm going to let you in on a treasured family secret. I really am. Devon created a recipe about 8 years ago that we served to 40 people at a fundraising dinner. Our family was preparing to leave the country to do service projects for 1/2 a year. We traveled to Hawaii for training, then onto China and the Philippines. (But, I'll save that for another story.) That night, I remember tasting the meal, thinking to myself, this is a keeper. He has recreated that recipe a number of times, but this past time, he landed on THE perfect … [Read more...]

GE~Choosing Your Appliance

Until two weeks ago, I had two ways of choosing the appliance that was right for our home.  The first (and most important in my book) was the look of the appliance.  Was it aesthetically pleasing and would it match the mood of the room along with the other appliances? The second factor for me in choosing an appliance was the price.  My contractor husband is always on the look out for "out of the box" deals at our local Home Depot and Lowes. We were told not too long ago by an appliance repair man that the life span of … [Read more...]

GE Momsperience 2011 Trip Giveaway

When you see this kitchen, what do you think about? Being in a baking cook-off?  Piling up your fresh vegetables, sharp knives and flavorful herbs to get started making an amazing meal?  Does it make you want to experiment, try new recipes or risk it all in an "iron-chef" type cook off?  Or does it simply want to make you renovate your current kitchen? This is the GE Monogram Kitchen at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  It's a theater for the senses!  It is a 10,000 sq.-ft. complex filled with … [Read more...]