Taking Your Work Outside

Many of you have heard the expression in decorating, “bring the outside in” to breath life into your home’s rooms.  Well, recently I tried the reverse, bring the inside out.

The other day (before our recent historical Minneapolis heatwave) the day was mildly warm and sunny.  The kind of day where summer greets you with possibilities.  The flowers in my garden were just starting to show their potential.  The lilacs were wafting lovely scents in the air.  This was no day to be working inside.

Much of what I have to do is centered around my computer and my phone.  Sometimes I forget that doesn’t mean I’m stuck inside on a beautiful day.  For a refreshing change of scenery I took whatever I needed, which wasn’t much outside to a “office space” I created in my garden.

Having everything handy was essential to making my space comfortable.  I brought a refreshing drink, a small vase of flowers, my computer, phone and my notebooks.  A clear plastic tumbler with a few polished glass rocks leftover from a table centerpiece project became a holder of pens, pencils, and highlighters.




My new “office space” refreshed me and dare I say, made me happy.  And, sometimes that is all you need to put a little “whistle” in your work.

“When you change your point of view, your views bring about a change in you.”  ~George Alexiou

We’d love to hear your comment ~ What have you done lately to “refresh” your working space?