Taste of MckMama’s Mudd Lake Gathering

Friday night I went with two friends on a road trip to meet up with a gathering of gals, out in the country, in Watertown, Minnesota – at a place called Mudd Lake.  Here’s a little taste of the gathering, hosted by  Jennifer of MckMama, and the time that we shared.

What a thrill to meet MckMama.  She rules as a Mommy Blogger Queen.  And, even though I’m a food blogger….I think having four kids and being trapped in suburbia, made the evening out quite fitting for me, if not mandatory.

This event had lots of mamas & babies.

And, mamas & friends.

And, bloggers who have eclectic good taste in frontier jackets for children.

There was shopping in rustic barns and sheds on a picturesque lake.

There was relaxing and eating by the fire.

And, there was the piracy and seizure of some really really good sauerkraut.

So, that was the overview.  Now, if you want the real scoop from my end….come back tomorrow and read  “My MckMama’s Mudd Lake Confessional” and you can see for yourself that the evening was smooth sailing, filled with grace and charm and definitely no faux pas happened, at all.


Here are some links to some lovely ladies I met.  Gals, seriously, I am a tad ADD, so if I missed you send me a reminder and I will continue to add you to this list!  It was lovely to meet such a great group of people gathered from the blogging world!  So glad you’ve been part of the journey of LoveFeast Table!

Allison of  O My Family

Karlynn of Our Fully Caffeinated Life

Mela of 4:10 Ministries

Janelle of Queen of the House of Boys

Jessica of Jessica Pearson Knits

Alicia of Alicia O. & The Gang

Christy her blog

Elena of La Reina Elena


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