Textures, Lace & Denim

A LoveFeast Style is one that has layers of exquisite detail and texture but it may be just slightly wrinkled and paired with faded, denim jeans.


The key is to make sure one of your pieces of clothing, like this shirt above, is detailed, delicious, embellished and finished. That way when you pair it with a tattered pair of jeans, the juxtaposition of the outfit is balanced and beautiful.


We are also big fans of adding a bit of organic to the mix, something with a little earth tone to warm up the outfit. This over-sized bag is perfect for taking an outfit into fall.


Don’t forget the perfect shade heel to add a little sophistication to a pair of rolled jeans. They will dress up any denim. We are in love with this idea, maybe it’s because tables, tablescaping and any vintage linen is a part of our daily vocabulary…


This vintage tablecloth turned tunic is on our wish list for this fall! How about you? What are your tips for mixing lace and denim?


*Lead photo found on Pinterest.